Who Can Stay?

Guiding Light and Resting Place serve all women in need with an emphasis on recovery. The Resting Place is a Life Coaching and Residential Center for women.

What do you provide?

We provide the basic needs – shelter, clothing, food – as well as access to medical care, education, and transportation to necessary appointments and job interviews.

Within the housing units, there is a Life Skills Program to allow for training and growth on how to manage a home efficiently.

What is Required of Residents?

Goal Setting: We work with residents to establish goals for themselves when they begin staying at one of our homes. Our staff/volunteers guide and assist residents to ensure they are making progress.

These goals vary based on the needs of each individual, but in general, we encourage women to become self sufficient by obtaining a job and obtaining housing. When this is not possible, we encourage them to mend relationships with stable family members who are able to help support them. We encourage residents to seek counseling and further education outside of our program.

Weekly Schedule: Every Sunday, ladies from the homes attend church. Each lady will be required to meet Monday through Friday at 8 am for Therapeutic Morning Group. This helps with team building and assists with making the day more productive. It allows for staff to understand what each lady has on her agenda and how we can assist. Each resident will be required to attend cooking, finance, business management, and journaling classes and a Wednesday night Support Group called “Girl Talk”. They also attend a Bible Study.

Other responsibilities: In addition, everyone who stays with us takes turns cleaning, preparing meals, and other activities as deemed necessary. Other basic rules on cleanliness, curfews, and respect must be followed (see below).

What Are the House Rules?

House rules help ensure safety of our residents and adherence to core values. In addition to 24/7 supervision, we require ladies to follow basic rules on cleanliness and respect. They are required to care for their rooms and care for themselves with proper nutrition and hygiene. Residents may have approved visitors and may go out with approval.

All of our housing units are smoke, alcohol, and drug free. Illegal activity of any kind is not tolerated.

How Long Do Residents Stay?

All residents stay for an initial 30 day trial period. During this time, we work with them to set and reach goals. This time allows us to determine if they are serious about meeting their goals. This is a on a case-by-case basis, and sometimes a resident may stay less than 30 days.
After the initial 30-day period, we set a time for them to stay based on the goals of each individual.
All residents choose to participate in our program of their own will and may leave at any time, or may be asked to leave if they are not willing to participate. Each resident has different needs. Our goal is to transition residents to independent living.

Who Runs This Ministry?

Julianne Burk is the Director and oversees the week to week affairs of running an organization of this scope. We rely on trained, volunteer “house moms” to provide 24/7 supervision on the premises. A Board of Directors, made up of community leaders, governs us. Our funding comes from contributions from individuals, businesses, foundations, civic clubs, churches, and various grants.