Resident Stories

We want to celebrate the milestones and successes of our wonderful residents! Each step they take towards stability and personal growth is hard-earned. Please pray over these ladies in all of their endeavors and trials.

Read stories below to gain understanding for the types of trials they have gone through and how their faith in God is helping them to push through difficulty and pursue life. These are all true stories written by residents who have participated in our program.

Amanda’s Story

As I think back, my life started going downhill as early as elementary school. I was an overweight child who was bullied and made fun off, causing me to feel depressed and isolated. I was sad all of the time. I was a People Pleaser and always got good grades.

I received a scholarship for college. You would think I would be on my way to success. I started partying and drinking. This made me feel good and numbed the pain from my earlier days. I liked drinking. Unfortunately, my grades suffered so I lost my scholarship and dropped out of college. My drinking was out of control. Alcohol took over my life.

Alcohol has caused me a lot of pain disappointments. I now have 5 DUIs on my record and have been to jail. I have been to rehab centers and nothing has worked. I was court ordered to wear an ankle bracelet, take classes and get treatment. Those things forced me to live in reality.

I really believe it was God working on my behalf when I almost gave up trying to find a place to go. I prayed one night and Julianne Frankhouser called me the next day to tell me she had an opening at Guiding Light.

Since being there I have been able to attend consistent AA meetings, go to classes, start on medication to help me and do what the court has required of me. Guiding Light gave me time to get accustomed to my new life and structure. The staff has been supportive. I was determined to do what I needed to do. I really was fearful of relapsing so I was grateful for the ankle monitor.

I am now gainfully employed and am managing my life. I am starting to find myself and enjoy life more. I see the difference in my life and continue to do all that I need to do to get it back. I have thoughts of returning to college. For now I want to seek housing and maintain my job. I have also been building a healthy relationship with my family members to regain trust and support.

I am happy to be at Guiding Light. I will be the first to admit I had a problem but know there is always HOPE even when you feel like giving up. In less than six months I can see my life taking a positive turn for the good.


“I like how concerned the staff is with our well-being, how personal they are with each individual. I like how they help motivate us to meet our goals. If we have a bad day, they are there to help and encourage us and keep us going.”           – Sarah

“Everyone works together. Everyone is there for each other. They’re open, they’re honest and they’re accepting.”                                                                            – Tasia

“My favorite part is that there is so much understanding, acceptance, love and compassion here. I’ve been invisible for 20 years and I was here less than 30 minutes before someone complimented me and saw me for who I was.” – Marsha

“I like the fact that I was able to open up to everybody. It released a lot of stress that I was carrying.”                                                                                                             – Sabriena

“I think it has helped me with my attitude and helped me build a relationship with God. It helps keep me accountable and pushes me in the right direction to help me stay on top of things that I need to do for my life. It’s a BLESSING.             – Amanda

“I have a roof over my head and I am SAFE. I like my house sisters and my house mom. I like the staff and appreciate them. I like the freedom of being myself. Other homes I’ve been at are limited and only are a place to sleep; not like a home. If I need to go to an important appointment or have needs for my child, and me, I can get that help. I truly needed help and I got it when I needed it. I was sleeping in my truck, pregnant, before I got there. I love and appreciate this place.                         – Angel

“I like that it’s not like a shelter, it’s a family. We are together as one, we are not separated to survive on our own. We work together to make everything run smooth at the house and to reach our goals.                                                                       – Joslin