Get Involved

Read more about ways you can get involved at Guiding Light Ministries!

  • Education

    Do you like to teach and have something to share? Part of our mission at Guiding Light is to encourage continuing education in order to equip these precious ladies for success once they have obtained housing. Here are some classes we’d like to add: – Exercise (morning)– Homemade products– Budgeting This is a relaxed environment… Continue reading Education

  • Fundraising

    We rely on support from our generous community, so fundraising is a regular need. Talk to community and area businesses for us. We’d love to put your enthusiasm and expertise to use in this area! If this is your calling, give us a call!

  • Events

    Hosting EventsGuiding Light is like a second home to our residents and we want them to know how much they are loved. Hosting events – like a baby shower or birthday party – for them is one way we show love as part of their extended family. Evening of InspirationThe annual Evening of Inspiration is… Continue reading Events

  • Social Media

    Have a facebook account? Twitter or instagram? Share our organization with your friends and spread awareness of our mission!