Our History

Julianne Burk, director and founder of Guiding Light, was given inspiration from God in 2009 to build this ministry for women. After months of prayerful reflection and humbling her heart toward God, He spoke to her to use the resources she had to help pregnant teens. Once a pregnant teen herself and now a loving mother of 4, Julianne understands how to help girls overcome the challenges associated with having a child before the age of 20.

The home is operated out of what was her childhood home. She grew up and lived next door to the church that her father and mother founded. Her father, a community leader and well known evangelical speaker, left a legacy for his children to follow. He believed that the church should train youth. The corporation that he founded, “Truth for Youth, Inc,” became Julianne’s vehicle for getting Guiding Light up and running.

Guiding Light was officially born in 2009. Over the next three years, God blessed the mission with an outpouring of support from the community, inlcuding many generous donations of time and resources. The house was completely gutted and remodeled into a modern, comfortable, and warm home complete with all of the things one would expect for a thriving family. The home, which can house up to five residents, officially opened to the community in the spring of 2013.

The Resting Place officially opened in 2015 after leadership of the Guiding Light Ministries felt a calling from God to grow the ministry in order to serve more women in the community.

Guiding Light has had an Emergency Shelter Option available for over a year now, but we are expanding on this idea to aid the needs we see in the community in this realm. We are looking into developing a home specifically for Emergency Shelter needs, where staff will coordinate client needs and placement in the community.

Guiding Light is open for tours by appointment. Julianne is also happy to come share the story of Guiding Light with your church or organization.